1fl013 - Digitala verktyg i förskolan

1fl013 – UG 2A Animation

I decided to do this post in English because this animation Project drew some interest from foreign friends.
I was tasked with making a short animation for University. As usual when I find an assignment interesting I may have taken it a Little to far.

Anyway, stipulations for this assignment where as follows:

* The Movie should be 1-3 minutes long
* I had to make three characters.
* One of the characters had to be me.
* The Movie has to have a story.
* The Movie has to have sound.
* I had to add background sounds and effects.
* I had to make my own Music
* It had to have a title and credits.


I wanted to actually learn something at University for once so I decided to teach myself OpenToonz. It is a very powerful open source animation tool. It even supports lipsync through Another open source Project called PapagayoNG.
I exported clips with a green background (00FF00) for easy use in editing software.


The lipsync process was surprisingly easy after some fiddling around. Importing into OpenToonz was a breeze once i had the mouth and face shapes created.

Lipsync in OpenToonz

I used freeware video editor Lightworks for all of the editing and effect adding. Like OpenToonz it takes some time getting used to but once you get the hang of it’s features and of it’s quirks it’s a very powerful and helpful tool.


One of the major hurdles for me was that I had to create the Music. I’m not much of a musician but I have a basic idea of how it works and I know what I like. When it comes to movies I absolutely adore 80’s John Carpenter scores, so that is what I went for with the first song. I used garageband for iOS. Yes, I just admitted to using apple software to make this. I am ashamed but happy with the resulting tunes.

As usual I made most of the image manipulation in Gimp, the open source Photoshop clone. This is where I drew up the characters and did things like removing the mailbox and making it into a character for the final scene:

Original shot
Without the mailbox

That’s the mostly but not completely complete story about ”3:14 to Gantofta”. Enjoy!

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